xbox one fan not working

Xbox One Fan Not Working?

Has your Xbox One fan stopped working?

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    The first problem is to identify that the fan is actually faulty. There are two main ways to do this – by listening to the fan, and by judging the heat of your Xbox One.

    When you power on your Xbox, does the fan make a grinding or knocking noise?  After the Xbox being powered on for around 15 minutes, does your Xbox power down automatically, and report an over heating issue?

    xbox one fan not working

    If so, it is time to replace your fan.  In this guide we will share with you the process and out top tips to replace your fan.

     The fan will be replaced by disassembling the entire console, so make sure to disconnect all cables from the Xbox before starting.

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    Xbox One fan not working? Lets replace your fan

    The basics

    There are around 10 steps you need to follow to replace the internal fan on the Xbox One S. Some DIY knowledge is handy, but not essential. 

    The tools you will need to complete the job are a Pry Tool and and Torx 8 screwdriver.  We have suggested our top tools later on in this article to help you  fix your Xbox One fan not working

    xbox one fan not working

    Cleaning tools

    There is no need for expensive equipment to clean the fan of your Xbox without opening the Xbox.  Most tools can be found around your home.  We have listed our top picks below.

    Time to replace your Xbox One S Fan

    The following steps share how to replace an Xbox One fan not working:

    Open up the Xbox One S

    • Turn the Xbox over, and using your Pry Tool, remove the bottom black plastic casing.  Start by sliding you Pry Tool by the warranty label on the rear of the Xbox.
    • Once the black bottom plastic is removed, you will see the bottom chassis of the Xbox.
    • Remove the green, black and silver screws.
    • Flip the Xbox back over, taking care so the internal parts do not fall out.
    • Remove the top silver metal chassis cover.

    Remove the power board and Wi Fi card.

    • On the front side of the Xbox, you will see the power board (with the power, bind and eject buttons).  On the board there are four black screws and pull the power board towards you to detach it from the Xbox.
    • On the right hand side of the Xbox is the Wi-Fi card.  Remove the three black screws and pull the Wi-Fi card away from the Xbox.

    Remove the internal parts

    • You will see the internal components of the Xbox including the hard drive, power supply, optical drive and of course the all important fan.  
    • For now we are going to leave these all in place, however we will no be able to lift them all out in one go with removing the motherboard.
    • Starting by the front USB port, gently lift up the motherboard and it will start to lift out of the chassis.
    • Once you have it part way up, grab the other side of the motherboard and lift the entire motherboard and the components out in one go.

    Time to remove the faulty fan

    • Now we have the motherboard removed, we can simply pop off the fan from the heatsink.
    • Firstly, unplug the fan power cable – this is connected to the motherboard on the white connector.
    • On the side of the fan you will see four (two each side) black tabs which are holding the fan to the heatsink.  Using your Pry Tool, starting on one side of the fan, gently lift up the two tabs and gently move the fan up.
    • Now move round to the other side of the fan and do the same to the other two tabs.  The fan will now pop off.

    Installing the replacement fan

    • Re-installation of the replacement fan is simply reversal of removal.  
    • Take your replacement fan, and push it on to the heatsink so the tabs snap back into place.
    • Place the motherboard back into the chassis and re-install the power and Wi-Fi boards.
    • Place the metal cover back on the top of the chassis, reinstall the white top casing, gently flip the Xbox back over and reinstall all the screws.

    Tools and replacement fans

    Below we have listed some of our favourite tools, and some options for the replacement fan for the Xbox One S.

    Need help?  We are happy to give you free advice and tips, simply click here to contact us.