CE–36329–3 PS4 turns off

CE-36329-3 PS4 Turns Off Randomly

The CE-36329-3 Error Code on the PS4

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    CE–36329–3 is an error that has presented itself more recently on the PS4.

    It pops up anytime while you are playing any game. Most users of PS4 complain about this uninvited occurrence happening randomly.

    In this article we list a few solutions to the problem, but first, lets understand more about the CE–36329–3 error.

    The error pops up with not so very humble message that an error has occurred in system software. The message usually pops up when you try to start any particular application or game.

    It not only causes error in that game or application but in extreme cases the CE-36329-3 PS4 Turns Off! The CE–36329–3 is basically a software error of the system.

    CE-36329-3 PS4 Turns Off

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    CE-36329-3 PS4 Turns Off randomly

    What causes the CE-36329-3 Error Code?

    The system software error can be a result of the corrupted files present in the PS4.

    The error can also be a result of the conflicting data present in the PS4 that might confuse the CPU to lock and freeze.

    The other option can be on behalf of the server you are connected to while gaming online – if the cause is the latter, unfortunately there is not much you can do until the server issue is resolved.

    However, some possible steps can be taken to solve the error CE–36329–3 error to help stop the PS4 processor from crashing and stop the PS4 from randomly shutting down.

    Restarting the Game or Completely Restarting the PS4 system

    Although a temporary work around, rather than a fix, you can consider restarting the game as soon as the CE–36329–3 error pops up just when you begin the game.  

    It could be minor crash error instead of any major error in the system.

    But if the appears in the middle of a game then the issue might be something else and here you will need to restart the entire PS4 system.

    Restarting automatically resets the processes that might be causing a disconnection with the server.  Also, restarting will delete the temporary local cache of the PS4.

    PS4 System Update Compatibility

    Another reason for the annoying CE–36329–3 error is the incompatibility of the device operating system and the game / application.  

    Firstly, always ensure you have the latest PS4 system updates installed and also install any new game patches so both are up to date and not causing a compatibility issue.

    Consider Re-installing your game

    If you see the error mostly on a certain game, the other way to fix the CE–36329–3 error is uninstalling that game where the error keeps on popping up, then reinstalling the game.

    Generally, this will help with data access to the internal hard drive of your PS4 – think of it as data housekeeping – cleaning out all the older patches and installing everything from fresh.

    Changing your account

    Another trick by which CE-36329-3 PS4 Turns Off is by changing the PS4 local account. 

    Sometimes, there is an actual configuration issue with your account, so try creating a temporary account and login with that and install a fresh game

    Re-build your database

    Most of the errors occur because of a corrupt database of PS4.  So, another well tried method of resolving the PS4 CE–36329–3 error is to rebuild the local database.

    This is an instant and automatic way of clearing all the non – working files from PS4.

    Learn more about looking after your PS4 Database and hard drive by reading our article on running a hard drive defrag on the PS4.

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