How to improve Xbox One performance

How to improve Xbox One performance

The easy way to improve your Xbox One Performance

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    We are sure you have all experienced this – you are mid way through an epic gaming session and your Xbox freezes and then continues loading.

    You breathe a sigh of relief because you are not done yet, you still need to respawn and win the next round.   These intermittent freezes are something you should not ignore – they are signs that your Xbox needs some TLC.

    How to improve Xbox One performance

    In this article we will share with you some top tweak tips on how to improve Xbox One performance and get rid of those heart stopping moments.

    We all know that we can put our Xbox through some stressful gaming sessions, so it is only right that every now and then we give back a little and make sure our gaming consoles are in tip top condition, so let see how to improve the performance on our Xbox One 

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    How to improve Xbox One performance

    Clearing the Cache

    The first thing that you need to do when your Xbox lags a lot, is to clear the cache.

    How to replace Xbox one hard drive

    When you keep on playing games for long hours, the information the Xbox stores starts getting clogged in the cache and this may affect the working of Xbox One.

    By clearing the cache, your Xbox will start running smoothly again.

    To clear the cache, follow these steps:

    • Stop playing the game and if possible, save your progress.
    • Press and hold the power button on the front of Xbox to power it off completely (keep holding the power button for around 10 seconds).
    • Remove the power cord from the back of the console.
    • Wait for 30 seconds and plug the cord back in and switch on the Xbox.
    • If you have the original Xbox with the external power brick, wait for it to turn orange then wait for a few minutes and then power on the Xbox.

    The cache is clear now and Xbox is smooth to use again.

    Deleting useless files

    Deleting the useless files stored on the Xbox helps in the efficient working of the internal hard drive.

    Each time your Xbox access the hard drive, it needs to search (seek time) to find what it is looking for.  Clearing out older files will help improve the performance of your Xbox.

    • Remove old gamer profiles that are no longer needed. If your friend signed on to your Xbox a few months ago, there profile will still be stored – remove this by going into the settings and selecting “Remove Accounts”
    • Clear local game cache.  Each time you play a game, small pieces of information are stored on your internal hard drive.  These can be removed without loosing your place in a game. Go into settings and select “Clear local game cache”

    Upgrading to an SSD

    If you have the budget, installing an SSD (Solid State Drive) into your Xbox will give  a great boost to your Xbox performance.

    We have a guide on exactly this – click here to read it.

    An SSD not only will improve performance, it will ensure your Xbox is much less likely to fail with hard drive errors in the future.

    Wired Network

    A wired network is always the best option because it prevents any kind of interference and latency is much lower.

    You will always get much faster response times when playing online and quite frankly by not using the Xbox Wi-Fi means one thing less the Xbox needs to worry about. 

    Wifi Connection Settings

    If wired network is not an option for you, try to keep a closer connection between the Xbox console and the Wi-Fi router. It will stop the Xbox to lag frequently and make it work smoothly and efficiently.

    If you are using a Wi-Fi router for multiple devices (most people do), connect the Xbox to the 5GHz 802.11 AC network band and the rest of computers, laptops, and tablets to the 2.4GHz network band of your router.  This will keep the 5Ghz Band free for your gaming only.

    Electronic and Passive Interference

    The signals from other electronic devices placed on or near your Xbox may interfere with the signals reaching console and this can affect the Wi-Fi speed on your Xbox.

    Moreover, the signals from these electronic devices will have their own signals connecting to your Wi-Fi and could cause hot spot bottle necks on your Wi-Fi. 

    To avoid this, try not to place any electronic device on or near the Xbox or simply power them off.   You will notice a drastic change in the performance of the Xbox One with this simple tip.

    Similarly Passive Interference, or interference from objects, can cause poor connectivity and in turn slow down your Xbox. 

    Any object, such as a wall,  copper piping in plumbing, or plastic lining between the console and the router, it weakens and reduces the signal.

    To avoid this, place your console at a place where there is the least number of object between the router and your Xbox.

    Always keep a distance of 5 to 50 feet between the two.

    Enabling WMM mode on the router

    If you have the option, on your wireless router, enable WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia) mode. It will prioritize the traffic for gaming  over the traffic from web browsing, etc.

    And finally...

    Make sure your Xbox can breathe.  Dust blocking air vents and fans will always reduce the performance of your Xbox, and in most cases cause it to overheat and shut down.  Read out guide here on the effects dust can have on an Xbox and some tips on keeping your Xbox dust free.

    Following all these steps will help you solve the problem of how to Improve Xbox one performance.

    Need help?  We are happy to give you free advice and tips, simply click here to contact us.